Here are the products we offers

Content Management System

An exhaustive and interactive system that captures exhaustive information and content in an organised and structured method irrespective of the method of final presentation. This is an advanced system that provides a role wise access to users to feed information and editing rights. It also has an approval system that helps to scrutinise information before it is finally presented as an end product. The approval system helps to track every single change/updation made to the data in such a way that it works as a filter and also as a log thus increasing the ownership and authentication of the information multifold.

E-commerce Portal

A complex system that includes an advanced CMS to feed information about various products with its features and highly interactive web design that gives an advanced access to the end users to these products. It includes generic search, refined search using filters, individual product pages, vendor pages, payment gateway integration, two way apis for third party plugins and integrations and all other features of an advanced E-Commerce portal.

Cloud Solutions

Moving to cloud makes greater sense now as it reduces your server maintenance, infrastructure cost and time. To make your business accelerative we can assist you analyze and asses your current environment and data storage, identify the most suitable cloud platform, plan your migration with proper refactoring and managed services. Our expertise and experience on different cloud platforms will ensure a smooth and hassle free migration with proper assessment, panning, refactoring, backups and integrations.

Web Applications and Website Development

Enhance the reach of your business by making it accessible through the web, we can help you develop a quick, responsive and efficient web-based app or a website that is tailor made to solve your business needs like it could be used to enhance your business, a CRM, an internal web application for workflow management, a notification system for your staff or a full-fledged E-Commerce Portal. Our team of experts can develop web applications that are browser compatible and responsive to work on computers, mobiles or tablets enabling the use of ever evolving web technology.

Custom Developments in Products and Plugins

We understand your business needs and suggest a product or plugin that will solve the problem effectively. It could be a completely new desktop application connected with remote databases(cloud) or a website connected and driven by a database, or a combination of hosted front-end and back-end systems and much more. Our focus is on devising and building a solution that abides by the client’s vision and requirements while combining our innovative approach and exploring the maximum benefits of latest technology. It could be complete full cycle software development, partial customization or re-engineering an existing software or customizing our CRM or workflow management systems and providing with a plugin. It is all about developing a reliable solution in cost and time effective way.

App Development

Mobile apps can engage your target audience 24/7 thus increasing your reach and business. We can help you develop an entirely new app or can develop an interface for an existing software application/product. It could be the need to develop a native app or we could expedite the process by using available frameworks just right to develop an app that’s interactive, responsive, spontaneous above all fast and light to expand the reach of your business easily.


Workflow management with interoperability between modules. Role Wise process management. Task management and allocation, Sales module with lead capturing, lead conversion and follow-up process.